About Us

About Us

Phoenix Farms Ltd. is owned and operated by John and his two sons Rick, and Joel. We are a 5th generation family farm in Southern Alberta, and it is a mixed farming operation of seed and fresh potatoes, canola, triticale, peas and our newest crop Haskap berries.

During WWII John’s Grandfather’s farm buildings in the Netherlands were bombed and burnt down to the ground. Following the war he began rebuilding the barn on the previous location of his old farm. He decided to name his farm after the mythological story about the Phoenix bird. As the story goes the Phoenix bird flew too close to the sun and melted, but once it cooled down it reformed and became a beautiful bird.  

Our History

In 1982, John and his Dad Immigrated to Canada and restarted potato farming in the heart of southern Alberta. 

After graduating high school, Rick attended the Lethbridge College and completed the apprenticeship program and received his journeyman Red Seal Certification in Carpentry. Rick worked in the construction field for 6 years before he returned to the family farm in 2011. 

After graduating High school Joel started working immediately on the family farm. 

Since the founding of Phoenix Farms in the late 1800’s, the company has expanded to be able to supply southern Alberta with fresh quality potatoes, pedigree seed, and haskap berries.