Haskap Berries

Haskap Berries


Haskap Berries are our hidden little gem and with their delicious taste, deep colors, and high health benefits they are perfect for adding into many dishes.


  • Frozen Haskap Berries 
  • Haskap Wine 
  • Haskap Sause


About the Haskap: 

Haskap berries are largely unknown to most people and that is because these berries have been originally grown in Japan and can be found growing wild across Canada. 

Haskap have their own unique taste, color and texture. They have very tiny seeds that can be eaten with the berry. Haskap berries distinct taste is a mixture of raspberry and blueberry that creates a sweet but yet tangy flavour. They have a powdery blue skin, like a blueberry but the skin is quite thin and melts in your mouth. 

Due to the fact that Haskaps skin is not as firm as a blueberry, they do not keep long for a fresh eating berry. But haskaps have many different uses from BBQ sauces to wines.