Pedigreed Seed

Pedigreed Seed


We strive to grow high quality certified seed so our customers will have guaranteed satisfaction.


Soft White Spring Wheat:

  • AC Sadash
  1. High yielding, high quality
  2. Semi-Dwarf with short strong straw


  • CDC Austenson 
  1. 2 Row Barley
  2. Feed Barley with top grain yield, short strong strawand large kernel size and plumpness
  • Amisk 
  1. 6 Row Barley
  2. Features excellent grain and silage yield potential
  3. Improved grain plumpness and a well-rounded disease package


  • Pronghorn Spring Triticale
  1. Makes a great forage with high protein
  2. More drought tolerant than other triticale’s
  3. Resistant to leaf diseases


  • 4010 Forage Pea
  1. Good yield potential
  2. High protein, and tall height